41st Reunion at Lucerne Inn

Seated left to right: Regina (Crook) Jones, Helen (Conway) Ford, Bonnie Lou Parent, Linda (Burnham) Savage, Sandra (Young) Doughty, Linda (Frost) Harnum, Judy (Hasey) Nisbett, Caroline Perkins, Susan (Bell) Doughty, Jeanne (Sprague) Hill, Madeline (Barker) Gordon, Janice (Newcomb) Campbell

Standing left to right: Gary Slep, Nancy (Witherly) Jensen, Carolyn (Allen) Seaton, Jim McDonald, Fred Newman, Dave Marley, Archie Tracy, Ray Dauphinee, Jim A. Mooney, Jim Ross, Kibby (Carlsile) Schultheis, Ray Durham, Jim F. Mooney, Kathy Viner, Willard Foss, Sally (Weatherbee) O'Neill, Gerald Stephan, Sally (Hill) Reed, Barry Lieberman, Wilfred Henry, Judy (Henry) Caruso, John LaForge