2009 50th Reunion Group Photo

The Group photo taken by Tony Ortega does not have a list of names to go with each individual. I have attempted to create a list of names and a key to each person. We were not lined up in nice neat rows so attempting to do a simple listing of left to right row 1, followed by row 2, etc. would be very difficult. However, if anyone is willing to do so, please send it to me and I'll post it. So what I have done is attempted to give each classmate a number on a silhouetted version of the Group Photo and then I've put a name with each number. So in order to really use this key, you might consider printing both the silhouette photo and the listing. PLEASE help me by sending me an e-mail so that I may correct any errors in names. My apologies to all for any errors. Jim

Send an e-mail to Jim McDonald JimMcDonald@bangor59.com